Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 25, 2008 
Wow. Nice to see you grace the web pages of RP, MRV. Looks like the ccreeners agree, too. This is a classic - great plume and amazing contrast.
Posted by on August 26, 2008 
Absolutely stunning! Brilliant photo.
Posted by Kilroy1313 on August 26, 2008 
This photo is like a dreamscape - it takes you away from that sometimes monotonous everyday life. - Superb !
Posted by Brian Plant on August 26, 2008 
Excellent work there Mikey!
Posted by - on August 26, 2008 
Beautiful. What more can I say. I am very into black and white photography, and this one takes the cake. Great job.
Posted by Darren Megowan on August 26, 2008 
A beautiful classic image, PCA from me.
Posted by Steve Carter on August 26, 2008 
A breath taking photo.
Posted by Kurt Lawson on August 26, 2008 
This is a wonderful image!
Posted by CalMurray on August 26, 2008 
That is a instant classic love everything about.
Posted by Jim Thias on August 26, 2008 
Excellent scenery and it works great in b&w. Another vote from me.
Posted by Dean Kaplan on August 26, 2008 
Congrats on POTW cinderpath, one breathtaking shot!
Posted by Frank Keller on August 26, 2008 
I love this shot. The smoke plume trailing back along the train is wonderful. Superb use of back lighting IMHO.
Posted by Ray Peacock on August 30, 2008 
Wonderful photo MRV. Thanks for posting it.
Posted by Apostolos Anastasiadis on August 31, 2008 
Gorgeous landscape and a steam locomotive,all in black and white...Can you imagine of anything else?PCA of course...
Posted by Travis Dewitz on September 6, 2008 
Great Shot!! PCA vote from me.
Posted by Erick Anderson on September 9, 2008 
Yet another photo wins the complete trifecta. Congratulations.
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