Posted by Nscalemike on September 6, 2008 
Way to go Travis on the Screeners Choice award. Nice capture.
Posted by Ken Kuehne on September 6, 2008 
Now it's your turn for a Dewitz Choice Award! Neat shot.
Posted by Cinderpath on September 6, 2008 
Your on a pretty good roll- this is a classic example where B&W makes the shot.
Posted by Scott McClarrinon on September 7, 2008 
Very, very nice, Travis. The B/W is refreshing and the clouds show plenty of interest.
Posted by hemiadda2d on September 7, 2008 
Looks like eastern WY to me--very nicely done!
Posted by Steve Crise on September 11, 2008 
Beautiful image no matter where it was shot. It has a very timeless quality about it regardless of its present day subject matter. Steve Crise
Posted by B.A.Harrison on September 30, 2008 
A stunning photo, possibly one of the best on RP. The fence, the powerlines glinting, clouds...could go on and on with the things that catch my eye.
Posted by Rich Kaminsky on October 23, 2008 
Exceptional work, and a simply beautiful photograph! The B&W makes this sot.
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