Posted by Michael Da Costa on September 8, 2008 
That's one hell of a shot Travis, I really like the scene you set yourself in to get that shot, just wicked.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on September 8, 2008 
Nice job Travis. This is Wyoming as I remember it - wide open spaces with rolling thunder storms above. Very nicely set up scene.
Posted by James Belmont on September 8, 2008 
Very nice work, Travis! The bright orange containers contrast well with the dark blues and greens.
Posted by Ky.CatFan on September 8, 2008 
Just a idea, but I think that Travis should blow this shot up to mural size and put it on a wall. It's that good! The flowers in the lower corner help to make the shot.
Posted by John Benner on September 9, 2008 
Wow, a super cool super wide shot!
Posted by Mont Panichjeerasin on September 10, 2008 
Great atmospheric combine with beautiful landscape and orange intermodal train. I feel my mind fly to this location and difficult to be back!
Posted by Bobbie Sue Baker on September 11, 2008 
Really love this photo, Travis. The distinction in the clouds is just amazing, this photo just would not have been the same without all the vibrant colors. It has a surreal kind of painted feeling to it that I love. And the flowers, as a previous poster pointed out: REALLY make the shot. This is a softer capture that we normally don't see from you, it's refreshing and amazing. I am impressed at your growth as a photographer!
Posted by - on September 12, 2008 
The sheer awesomeness of this shot makes up for all the noise, and the noise adds a mood to the shot, that rarely is seen in a shot. Great job, Travis.
Posted by on November 13, 2008 
Wow! The skies in your shots, especially this one, are absolutely awesome.
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