Posted by GEORGE REDMOND on September 20, 2008 
Good shot.
Posted by J611Lover on September 20, 2008 
Thanks for sharing Allen,the 3985 looks as good as ever.
Posted by on September 20, 2008 
I can't wait until she's in my territory. Nice shot.
Posted by Greg Hool on September 20, 2008 
Beautiful shot. It's good to see her back in action. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her in the near future. That paint job looks awesome and really accents her lines.
Posted by Nscalemike on September 20, 2008 
Gorgeous looking old gal!
Posted by Jim McCulloch on September 20, 2008 
I am always concerned when engines like this go down for "service" I am glad to see it on rails again. After living with Hurricane Ike's aftermath here in Houston this is a sight for sore eyes!
Posted by Luke Ansell on September 21, 2008 
A joy to see her back in Action. Plus, she's teaming up with 6936, which adds to this wonderful shot, thanks for sharing.
Posted by Andy Toms on September 21, 2008 
Woah! Great shot, and great to see her back in service.
Posted by Jonathon Leese on September 21, 2008 
She looks better than she ever has!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on September 21, 2008 
Don't let anyone tell you Lionel out of the box ain't prototype! Looks great, nicely captured Allen. Thanks UP!!
Posted by Scott McClarrinon on September 21, 2008 
That is an absolutely wonderful shot.
Posted by Nick Resar on September 21, 2008 
With a Challnger locomoive and 6600hp DD40X, you would think that they could haul a bigger train wouldn't you. :)
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