Posted by Adam Christman (Penn Rail Videos) on October 6, 2008 
Nice shot!
Posted by Ray Peacock on October 6, 2008 
Very nice photo.
Posted by Jim Fogarty on October 6, 2008 
With the pocket watch and the steam locomotive...there's only one word to describe this shot....CLASSY!!! This is an absolutely great concept and shot.
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on October 7, 2008 
To be perfectly honest, this is my first PC vote for any photo in the last few weeks. Awesome idea and execution bud!
Posted by Bryant Kaden on October 9, 2008 
Congratulations on a wonderful image. I bet nearly every contributor on this site has the technical ability to take this kind of photograph, but yours is the eye that saw this possibility. "Brilliant!"
Posted by Jeremy Signorelli on November 3, 2010 
Thanks for taking my picture and putting it under your name, bro......... and thank you everyone for the comments! I appreciate it :)
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