Posted by Rick Erben on October 8, 2008 
It's somewhat shocking, upon awakening, to discover that my vision has gone to hell. Sure fine shot of some FAs but I can't find the elevator, the damned Ford, didn't know late November was this warm in Colorado, nor did I realize NYC/MP had a run-through agreement. Seriously, I look forward to the MP photo, as well. This one is sweet.
Posted by Jim Barton on October 8, 2008 
I thought, man how would you like to have been trackside in Pueblo, CO when NY Central FA's came through.
Posted by Jim Hinkhouse on October 8, 2008 
Yeah, this sure would be confusing if you didn't have your glasses on. I uploaded this picture in the wrong upload page by mistake. These are indeed FA-2s in Ohio, not EMDs in Colorado! Data changes have been submitted.
Posted by Donald Haskel on October 11, 2008 
Thanks Jim. To bad the FAs didn't last at least one more year.
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