Posted by Mitch Goldman on October 21, 2008 
Excellent! With so many pics from Pittsburgh, it's quite refreshing to see one like this, with Conrail painted units, no less.
Posted by - on October 21, 2008 
It's always good to see two Conrails leading... great shot, nice colors, great background! PCA vote and a favorite from here.
Posted by Marc Hamon on October 21, 2008 
You were sooo lucky!!!!
Posted by Cliff Gray on October 21, 2008 
No more Conrail blue by June. Man I was hoping that day would never come.
Posted by Firewrangler83 on January 18, 2009 
Nice photo - usually the GE Conrail Blue paint doesn't look so good after 15 years but these engines are the exception! NS has been making that threat of having all engines painted in black for years now - there are too many 'Ex-Cons' on the Pittsburgh division that know how to keep locomotives too busy to be sent to the paint shop - while it is inevitable, I would count on Blue living on for a little while longer.
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