Posted by Jon Wisnieski on November 19, 2008 
Wow, some people just amaze me. Nice shot Brian.
Posted by SD45-Lady on November 19, 2008 
And they will be huffy if he makes a trumpet-concert for them!
Posted by on November 19, 2008 
I love the Norman Rockwellesque pose you captured with the kid on the left. Nice shot.
Posted by Eric B. on November 19, 2008 
Just amazing... if this train were going 40 MPH it would be where the first kid was in about 4 seconds, so that second kid must have just cleared. Also it looks like an open fertilizer hopper got the best of the adjacent track.
Posted by Tinghey Chou on November 20, 2008 
Nice shot! I am wondering why there is only 1 track on the left side?
Posted by Brad Price on November 20, 2008 
It looks like just one rail due to the weeds, but you can see the reflection from the headlights off of the second rail. Look above the word "People's" in the "Nomintate this Photo for the People's Choice Awards".
Posted by Brian Wiggins on November 20, 2008 
Thanks for the comments. The train was moving at 40mph or so. The first kid cleared easily, the second was very close. The rail on the left is the NS main to St. Louis.
Posted by Alex L. Moss on November 20, 2008 
Wow, I guess people just dont have any common sense! Very neat picture tho.
Posted by Andrew Kim on November 20, 2008 
Not a smart idea at all. That is an example of no common sense.
Posted by Andre Wilson on November 20, 2008 
Stupid kids!
Posted by on November 20, 2008 
Too bad you don't have the names of their parents and the addresses (not that they would care). That way you could request CSX to send the video from the loco cam to them for their own personal private showing.
Posted by JL Scott on November 21, 2008 
Dude! It would appear they're headed to the skate park, bro!
Posted by Justin Sutton on November 21, 2008 
One time I had a bad dream that looked similar to this where I was running to cross the tracks and there was a train coming and I tripped on the rail. I've never crossed in front of an oncoming train by foot, but what a scary dream it was I woke up before the train hit. So the point of my comment is, not only is it dangerous to cross tracks when a train is barreling down the tracks at 40 MPH but there is also a risk of tripping over that rail, and if you do you might be done for. Nice shot well composed. I wonder if any safety company would be interested in this photo?
Posted by Don Morrell on November 22, 2008 
I can't see how anybody can skateboard in steel toe'd workboots.
Posted by W. D. Shaw on November 22, 2008 
In regards to Justin's comment; this happened in Toronto a couple of weeks back. Three girls late teens - early twenties tried to do just that. Two made it, one tripped and was tragically killed. That's something the other two and her family are going to have to live with for the rest of their lives.
Posted by on November 23, 2008 
You can't fix stupid.
Posted by on November 23, 2008 
Notice that the second kid's left shoe is untied with the lace dangling as a tripping hazard.....
Posted by David Wheeler on November 24, 2008 
I think they hit their head a couple of times too many while skateboarding! Dumb Dumb Dumb!
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