Posted by Nick McLean on November 26, 2008 
Awesome scene, Paul! PCA vote from me.
Posted by Andrew Blaszczyk (2) on November 26, 2008 
Just gorgeous!
Posted by Mark Rosnick on November 26, 2008 
Looks like a scene from a model railroad. Nice shot John
Posted by Jack D. Kuiphoff on November 26, 2008 
Great shot John!!! and two Conrail paints to boot. Thanks for sharing. Jackmp294
Posted by Jeff Sell on November 26, 2008 
John - the Conrail Blue looks great in contrast to the winter monotone surroundings. Nice shot.
Posted by Kevin Madore on November 26, 2008 
This one is eye-grabbing even as a thumbnail. Very nice composition John....sweet shot!
Posted by Travis Dewitz on November 26, 2008 
What an incredible scene!
Posted by Jon Clark on November 27, 2008 
John, that shot is awesome. You do some great work man.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on December 1, 2008 
This one is a real beauty, with Conrail blue a bonus.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on December 8, 2008 
Let me echo Janusz's comment - congrats on the PC!
Posted by Roger Snyder on December 9, 2008 
Yes...Very nice...But where in Johnstown ?....I can't find the location on "Google Maps". And what is the tramway used for?
Posted by Ted Marshall on December 15, 2008 
Superb photo; Extremely well done! I love it.
Posted by Leonard P Torney on January 1, 2009 
This is what a train picture is supposed to look like. Excellent photo.
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