Posted by W. D. Shaw on December 9, 2008 
Wow, managed to stay pretty much upright, fortunately. I predict lots of views for this one!
Posted by andy parr on December 9, 2008 
Yet another blind trucker!
Posted by Pete Reynolds on December 9, 2008 
Looks like another truck driver needs to be removed from the gene pool. I just don't understand why they don't pay attention to signs. There is probably a sign at the nearest crossroad warning "no trucks" and indicating an uneven grade crossing. Even if the driver didn't see that he might have seen one by the grade crossing but was too inept to back down the road to correct his error. Bet his last word were "Hey, watch this!".
Posted by matt mizeur on December 10, 2008 
The truck had been stuck on the crossing for enough time for the driver to jump out before the train came through, so I don't believe its the truckers fault this time.
Posted by KWestRail on December 10, 2008 
What exactly happened again? Quite a scene.
Posted by Doug Wolfe on December 10, 2008 
Super catch Gary. I saw this in the newspaper. You got the better shot.
Posted by Justin Sutton on December 10, 2008 
Yes like the others have said about a truck getting stuck. By my house we had a steep drive up to the rail crossing and 18 wheels often got stuck on it we had about 3 or 4 train wrecks over the years at it due to trail hitches getting stuck on the tracks. They then put up a sign saying no trucks it took one more wreck to set it all in motion. They raised the road the tracks run along side with so the crossing was level and they have now resolved the problem. Interesting photo amazing how fragile the state of a train is one thing can make the whole thing go bad at the flip of a coin.
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