Posted by Nigel Curtis on December 20, 2008 
Elliott, this has to be amongst my favourite snow shots. Excellent. PCA from me.
Posted by assiuolo on December 20, 2008 
Wow beautiful! really good shot Eliliot. Bravo
Posted by KWestRail on December 20, 2008 
Hard to believe that's Cajon. Snow Day Southern California Style!
Posted by Dan on December 21, 2008 
Who says it does'nt snow in Southern California? I love this one. PCA vote.
Posted by Zhou Wei on December 21, 2008 
I like the snow shot.
Posted by Don Ayres on December 21, 2008 
Being from Indiana, I didn't think California saw snow like this either! Reminds me of the pics my brother sent me two years ago with 5ft of snow in his driveway. In Albuqurque, N.M.! Nice Shot.
Posted by Ken Kuehne on December 22, 2008 
Great snow shot Elliot! PC Vote for this beaut!
Posted by usarailfannz on January 9, 2009 
I've been at Cajon summit in the middle of summer. Hard to imagine scenery and shots like this. Great photography!
Posted by Patrick Smith (Railwolf) on March 5, 2009 
Just wow. I love the combination of blue, silver, and of course white in this photo. The rails peeking through the snow is cool, too. This is getting a People's Choice vote for sure.
Posted by Garyaero on May 23, 2011 
Very nice. I live in Juniper Hills about 12 miles west of Cajon & at hthe base of the mountains and this pic brings back memories. I got 3 ft. of snow SUPER Shot Thanks
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