Posted by W. D. Shaw on December 22, 2008 
And great light made for a really neat drift shot. Well done!
Posted by Frank Jolin on December 22, 2008 
I love it! Keep those coming Richard
Posted by Nscalemike on December 22, 2008 
Well executed image Richard!
Posted by Wim Ameele on December 22, 2008 
Wonderful powerful shot!
Posted by Cristiano R. Oliveira on December 22, 2008 
Uau! That train shoud be fast to make this effect! Very nice man!
Posted by Mark Rosnick on December 22, 2008 
Amazing shot Richard. Well done in difficult conditions.
Posted by on December 22, 2008 
Very nice. I love these types of photos.
Posted by mark woody on December 22, 2008 
I love the action well captured.PCA from me.
Posted by Travis Dewitz on December 22, 2008 
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on December 22, 2008 
Wow. Fantastic timing!
Posted by KWestRail on December 22, 2008 
X-plosion. Nice shot!
Posted by Dean Kaplan on December 22, 2008 
Awesome snow action shot Richard! Did you get hit by any of the snow?
Posted by Ray Peacock on December 23, 2008 
That is an awesome shot Richard.
Posted by Billchor on December 23, 2008 
Extreme nice.This will be a very good Christmas card.
Posted by Marty Bernard on December 23, 2008 
A big PCA from me!
Posted by J J Schrader on December 30, 2008 
Great photo Scott. A PCA vote from me.
Posted by Matt Weldon on December 30, 2008 
Excellent shot. PCA vote from me.
Posted by assiuolo on December 31, 2008 
Cazzo! beautiful shot. Bravo
Posted by Thomas Williams on January 5, 2009 
Great job Scott!
Posted by Vic. Louie on January 10, 2009 
Great shot Richard.
Posted by Justin on January 11, 2009 
One word, snowy!
Posted by Jon Wisnieski on January 16, 2009 
Holy Cow! 42,000 views?! Wow great shot...
Posted by R.L.PROSSER [ Robpro] on March 2, 2009 
A terrific photo ~ defying nature in the raw !
Posted by Big D 965 on March 23, 2009 
Absolutely beautiful, I love the way the snow is swirling around the engine up close. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Ron Moraca on April 19, 2009 
Spectacular action photo, Richard!!! Well done!!!
Posted by Chris Kilroy on March 7, 2012 
Just looking back through some older shots and came across this one.. fantastic!
Posted by Avery Williams on July 7, 2012 
Nice! I wish i can catch something like this
Posted by Scott Marsh on October 20, 2012 
Thanks all! It was the 25 to 30 MPH wind blowing towards the train that made the shot.
Posted by WarthogCC on January 14, 2017 
The train looks as if to be saying "Get out of my way you silly fluff!"
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