Posted by Roberto V. Sousa on December 28, 2008 
Good idea Loyd.
Posted by B.A.Harrison on December 28, 2008 
Very nice effects Loyd, working with the fog.
Posted by J J Schrader on December 29, 2008 
Great composition and a PCA!
Posted by Shelley H. on December 29, 2008 
Wondeful Picture!!!
Posted by G. R. Harper on December 29, 2008 
WOW! Check out the star streaks. Cantilever foundation still there?! They removed the old ones here soon after James River S-D upgrades.
Posted by Steven M. Welch on December 30, 2008 
Very nice shot Loyd! The stars streaking and the bright, vivid colors of the signals blasting through the fog really looks good. PCA from me.
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