Posted by Janet Cottrell on January 2, 2009 
Interesting livery, bet it didn't stay that colour for long!
Posted by Nscalemike on January 2, 2009 
I can remember as a kid seeing a model of this train...I guess there is a prototype for just about any model out there. Thanks for sharing this unusual image.
Posted by David Godwin on January 2, 2009 
Brass import from Japan?
Posted by Jeff Sell on January 2, 2009 
Marty - Thanks for sharing this very interesting photograph of a gold color steam locomotive. I have never seen one (painted) like this before.
Posted by Christopher Anderson on January 3, 2009 
I didn't know RP allowed pictures of Lionel engines on here! Seriously, great shot Marty. Very interesting.
Posted by Harald Hohendorf on January 3, 2009 
Wow, just slap a decal on a brass loco and it's ready!
Posted by Ed Mullan on January 3, 2009 
Gold or black, a beautiful beast. So glad to see her here on RailPictures so many can see her. Thanks, Marty.
Posted by on January 3, 2009 
Wow, that actually looks really good on the loco! Rare shot, thanks for posting.
Posted by Steve Black on January 3, 2009 
I remember seeing photos of this in Trains when I was a kid and of course they were all b&w. This shot makes the engine look so much better. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by Maddie Farnsworth on January 3, 2009 
It really does look like a life size brass loco. Nice shot of a rare paint job.
Posted by Tommy Single on January 4, 2009 
very cool!
Posted by Michael Link on January 4, 2009 
That was water based gold paint, Great Shot, I think you could just take a brass loco and slap on a logo and some numbers! Mike
Posted by Mitch Goldman on January 4, 2009 
I'll second what everyone said. A rare color photo under perfect lighting scanned as if it were shot in digital yesterday. Thank you for sharing these gems!
Posted by cmdrflake on January 9, 2009 
This is bizarre! But, I have seen movies and slides from this trip and I know it was real, but--
Posted by KWestRail on January 12, 2009 
What ever happened to this locomotive? Wow, an actual 1:1 Scale brass loco.
Posted by Steve Crise on January 16, 2009 
An interesting image indeed! Also interesting to note is on January 9th of 1964, the James Bond classic “Goldfinger” was released. If I remember correctly there was a scene in the film, perhaps the opening credits, which featured a woman painted gold. I can’t help but wonder if the movie had any influence on the decision of the railroad to paint their lady of the rails gold as well. Steve Crise
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