Posted by Steven M. Welch on January 5, 2009 
So this is what heaven looks like... Amazing shot Andrew, glad you and Chris had fun there in New Hampshire! PCA vote no doubt.
Posted by Edward P. Sarber on January 5, 2009 
Beautiful image!!!
Posted by Kevin Madore on January 5, 2009 
Andrew, you're the only guy I know who goes railfanning in hip-waders. That river looked God-awful cold. Great angle man, you are braver than I am! :)
Posted by Nick Hart on January 5, 2009 
The stream. snow covered rocks, stunning.....and nice location too.
Posted by Dave Blaze... on January 5, 2009 
Spectacular! You guys are killing me with these photos....I've ridden the CWSR and chased it nearly 100 times, but never shot anything like this. Keep 'em coming.
Posted by Mark Rosnick on January 5, 2009 
Simply stunning. Another masterpiece
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