Posted by Mitch Goldman on February 2, 2009 
A sad reflection on today's society. Teach your children well... it's unfortunate that the engineer has to deal with this. Nicely captured, anyways.
Posted by Frank Orona on February 2, 2009 
Interesting shot, I wonder if those kids know the kid on the bicycle in this shot.
Posted by Trainmasterrob on February 2, 2009 
Ha ha Frank! I wonder too.
Posted by Scott Marsh on February 2, 2009 
Stupid kids are not new they just grow up, well some of them.
Posted by BNSFFan4Life on February 2, 2009 
"Man this metal rail is hurting my brain." If this is the way kids are these days, the World is in trouble.
Posted by Donovan Peltier on February 2, 2009 
Dude! Stupidity knows no boundaries.
Posted by Jim Thias on February 2, 2009 
Kids certainly haven't changed these days. They were doing stupid stuff like this 30 years ago when I was a kid and I'm sure they were doing it 100 years ago as well.
Posted by Adam G on February 2, 2009 
Oh, no doubt, the kids are stupid. But I don't think stupidity and perceived invincibility just appeared recently!
Posted by David Wheeler on February 2, 2009 
Judging by this photo and the photo Frank mentioned I think the people of Shepherdstown should be a little worried about the collective IQ of their young citizens.
Posted by StmTrolleyguy on February 2, 2009 
When the drop in citizenship is more noticeable the the collective IQ that went with it, there's a problem
Posted by Derek Stewart on February 2, 2009 
Wow, like dude, that's like totally a train, we should like totally stay here and see if he stops. People amaze me.
Posted by Chessie4108 on February 2, 2009 
You know what they say. You can't fix stupid.
Posted by David Ulrich on February 2, 2009 
The Mother of idiots is always pregnant!
Posted by Nathan Noe on February 2, 2009 
Wow every thing you should not do at a grade crossing! Man these kids days.
Posted by Tom Mugnano on February 2, 2009 
Very interesting photo from WV. Being on the tracks like that is stupid to begin with but im sure it appears to be more dramitic that it actually was in this super telephoto shot or we would be looking at the closer version instead. There are 2 crossings pictured. None of the gates appear to be down at either crossing (slow train maybe and horn prob not being blow untill this shot) Still stupid though no matter what happened before and after this shot was taken
Posted by David Nutter on February 2, 2009 
Oh, wow!
Posted by Andre Wilson on February 4, 2009 
Get out of the way, Kids!
Posted by John Ireland on February 4, 2009 
People seriously need to relax and reflect inward on shots like this. First off, I'm gonna guess this was taken with a 400mm lens on a x1.6 digital sensor so no doubt the compression makes things look worse than they were. Second, they are obviously aware of the approaching train and, as has been mentioned, have at least two crossing's time to clear the tracks. Is this any worse than driving 60 MPH down a curving dirt road looking into the rear view mirror half the time to check if you have gotten far enough ahead of the train to get another shot, or pulling over onto the shoulder of a busy interstate and jumping out for a shot, or any of the number of dumb BS stunts railfans pull?
Posted by Trainmasterrob on February 4, 2009 
I am going to add a little insight about the image. The image was taken with a 70-200mm lens at 200mm. The train was running between 35-40mph as most trains do through town, unless they are taking the siding for a meet. The engineer was blowing his horn from before the bridge all the way till he pasted the crossing directly behind me. It was approx 30 sec or so from the trains location in the image to the point the train reached the location of the two college students. By the way, this is a college town with a high degree of liberal thinking.
Posted by Matthew Chapman on February 4, 2009 
On top of everything else, it's obviously cold outside and the kid on the right has no coat on.
Posted by Casey Dellinger on February 4, 2009 
I don't know how "liberal thinking" leads to this but if you were really concerned for their safety why didn't you ask them to get off of the tracks? On top of it all it is a great photo!
Posted by Trip Snyder on February 5, 2009 
It looks to me like they are just putting coins on the tracks. They are watching the train, and seem aware of what they are doing. I know a great many of us have put coins on the tracks in our early years.
Posted by on February 5, 2009 
I only sat on a rail once in my life. No train around, but it left an ugly grease stripe that never did come out.
Posted by Andre Wilson on February 5, 2009 
Get out of the way, Kids!
Posted by ChevelleSSguy on July 26, 2009 
The kids certainly aren't wise to just sit there. The train appears to be moving judging by the ditch lights but the crossing signals haven't reacted yet. The gates are still up.
Posted by MRL4403 on October 17, 2017 
At least they weren't stupid enough to go on the bridge, that's a plus. But if there's a train I guess the common sense to stay in front of it until you finish your food.
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