Posted by Charles Freericks on February 18, 2009 
Stunning image of railroading how it should be.
Posted by Steve Carter on February 18, 2009 
Very Cool! Looks like the lead units are freshly painted.
Posted by Vic. Louie on February 18, 2009 
Pretty shot Drew.
Posted by Allen Stark on February 19, 2009 
Great photo Drew.
Posted by Andrew Milwee on February 19, 2009 
Nice FP7's!
Posted by Jim Thias on February 19, 2009 
Great location, Drew! Is that the bridge over I-80?
Posted by Steven M. Welch on March 3, 2009 
Very nice shot, Drew, from a familiar location. To answer Mr. Thias' question, yes, that is the trestle over I-80.
Posted by Karl Dahlquist on March 4, 2009 
Another Great Photo!
Posted by Leonard P Torney on March 30, 2009 
Boy I sure do miss the ESPEE and that grey and red color scheme. Great shot.
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