Posted by Nick Wilson on February 21, 2009 
Glad to see you finally got one on here Charlie! Keep on submitting and learn from your rejections, and you'll be surprised at how quick you'll learn (especially once you get your hands on that DSLR). On another note, I'm pretty sure you didn't shoot this on November of this year...
Posted by Charlie Wood on February 22, 2009 
Thanks as always Nick! And as well for my correction! Happy railfanning.
Posted by Josh Bomar on February 22, 2009 
What is up with Sylvester on the front?
Posted by Charlie Wood on February 22, 2009 
The crew on that works this line likes to have fun. They put wreaths on the hoods and ends of locomotives for Christmas and decorations for who knows what else! Can someone else chime in here that may know?
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