Posted by Rich Kaminsky on February 23, 2009 
Nice catch of "progress" in action. I am sure there are many more of these old towers that will soon suffer the same fate as this one.
Posted by Southbound Jim on February 23, 2009 
I went by where the Z Tower once stood so proudly. It seems that we here in Keyser will be missing a old friend. Starnge thing not much mentioned in News Papers of the area of this even going to happen this soon. I would have loved to gotten a souviner from the Old Building. However i musty say So Long Z Tower you will be missed.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on February 23, 2009 
Wow. Too bad no one was able to grab the levers and the board.
Posted by Richard Thompson on February 23, 2009 
Some good memories, gone. Sad to see it go.
Posted by John Lockwood on February 23, 2009 
The railroads are a sleep at the switch. Railroad buffs would give anything to have a piece of those old sites. The money that the railroads would make could be put into a fund for railroad families that have lost someone on the job. Just a thought! John
Posted by Steve Smedley on February 24, 2009 
It looks as if the model board tracking lineups above the armstrong levers is still in place, if that's the case very sad to see that was not forwarded onto a museum. Sad photo but GREAT that you were in place to record it! smeds
Posted by Dan Morris on February 24, 2009 
Thanks for the comment guys, Just to clarify the board face was gone when i got there a few days before the closing of the tower. the rest of the board was still there just not the face. All the levers are scraped as well.
Posted by Ed Heiss on February 25, 2009 
This is heartbreaking to see. However.... most railroads have no respect for their history. Their whole attitude is, "It's old and in the way. GET RID OF IT." I doubt that many railroads will ever realize that what they are today is built upon the shoulders of the past. RIP "Z Tower".
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