Posted by pierre fournier on February 28, 2009 
A real gem from the 50,s
Posted by Chris Nuthall on February 28, 2009 
Great of bunch of Erie shots - a good livery to pinch for our first Victorian Railways diesels!
Posted by Donald Haskel on February 28, 2009 
This is a nice image of Erie history. I did see a complete FT set in EL green and yellow colors at Binghampton. No eagle wings though.
Posted by Charles Freericks on February 28, 2009 
This is a marvelous image... thank you so much for sharing it.
Posted by Vic. Louie on February 28, 2009 
Beautiful shot Bob.
Posted by Jim Bartolotta on February 28, 2009 
Great shot - my first 'railfanning' was Mom dropping off Dad at the Ho-Ho-Kus station in '56 - '57. Loved the Erie ever since.
Posted by Chris Starnes on March 1, 2009 
Great scan Bob. Thanks for sharing these gems with us.
Posted by Jim Thias on March 1, 2009 
What a great series of shots, Bob!
Posted by Rick Erben on March 1, 2009 
Oh, man, what an insane image. EMD cabs cruising out the Delaware River valley with a string of freight bearing roadnames from among well over a hundred in existence then, set to rattle past in that jointed rail cadence; the approach medium on the blades, the pole lines and the Phillies cigar and Coke signs, even a caboose perhaps sixty or seventy cars back with one or two guys onboard, waving, as the freight rambles into distance and time. And spring. What a fine shot & thank-you for sharing.
Posted by on March 5, 2009 
I love the State of Maine Boxcar in the background. The EL FTs are also amazing.
Posted by mikeberge on March 5, 2009 
I wanna go back,back,back,back,back in time! This is a beautiful livery. Thank you for sharing.
Posted by Fred Stuckmann on March 11, 2009 
Your China & Pennsy posts are awesome, but having worked for EL, I've got to say those are my favorites. Thanks for all of them. Hope you have more.
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