Posted by on March 3, 2009 
Now THIS is railroading. What a magnificent machine - seen briefly in "The 7-Ups" and "The Last Detail." And these two fellows are "positive train control!" no "if's," "and's" or "but's!"
Posted by on March 3, 2009 
Bob, the quality of your photographs from the '50s is comparable to shots taken yesterday. These are a real treat.
Posted by Gerald Oliveto on March 3, 2009 
This scene, although changed dramatically (the track on the left is gone and a new center high level platform is under construction), is still played out daily today with modern equipment on NJ Transit. To quote a Pearl Jam song, 'everything has changed, absolutely nothing's changed'. Thanks so much for sharing these classic photos.
Posted by Michael Burlaga on March 3, 2009 
WOW! Breath taking! I wish I had been around to see it!
Posted by Doug Wolfe on March 4, 2009 
Fantastic photo. I can remember seeing those GG-1's at Newark Penn Station in the 70's.
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