Posted by Steven M. Welch on March 9, 2009 
Wonderful shot with the BNSF's! Love the curvature, excellent location, Jen!
Posted by Dan on March 9, 2009 
Unless there is a shorter in height car like a gondola or flat car behind the last tank car in the view, thats a very short 16 car train. Good shot Jen.
Posted by Ben Sutton on March 10, 2009 
There was at least 4 flats with steel plates, adding more challenge to keep this train under control.
Posted by Donald Haskel on March 11, 2009 
The stark-ness of the countryside enhances the train. Even Penn Central could lighten the gray winter days in the east.
Posted by Jamey Rickens on March 14, 2009 
Nice shot Jen. This power was used for the Q358 on Thursday the 12th though it was back to back and not Elephant style.
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