Posted by Chris Wilson on March 11, 2009 
Nice shot Bud, I hope to get one similar in a few weeks!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on March 11, 2009 
Hope they got away - wonder if a system of warning horns would be practical, in advance of the train's arrival in certain locations. Cool shot, Tim!
Posted by on March 11, 2009 
Reminds me of the Polar Express when they get stopped in the movie. Great shot.
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on March 11, 2009 
Great shot, Tim. You're awful brave standing there, as are the Elk with that SD75i charging at them!
Posted by Matt Mello on March 11, 2009 
I really like it! It is different!
Posted by Ron Tilley on March 11, 2009 
They're definitely not the smartest members of the deer family! Very cool and very different from the norm. Nice stuff Tim.
Posted by Chicago Railfan on March 11, 2009 
Really different, really love it!
Posted by Thomas Berry on March 11, 2009 
The Elks go railfanning! The bull staring at the camera is what really makes the picture for me. Maybe he was protecting his harem?
Posted by Bicot (Marc Caya) on March 11, 2009 
Ha ha! Looks as if they're eating the rocks instead of the disapeared grain! Great great picture Tim!
Posted by Nscalemike on March 11, 2009 
I have seen pigeons swoop down to the rails after a grain train passes...but never any beasts of the four legged variety. This is a first for me at least. Great capture Tim.
Posted by stan schurman on March 12, 2009 
So, did they scatter before the train hit them?
Posted by Darrell Krueger on March 12, 2009 
Well done! The composition is excellent!
Posted by Tim Stevens on March 12, 2009 
Yes, they all made it across in time. The train was doing about 10mph and came about 3 feet away from ending the career of the bull staring at me!
Posted by David Wheeler on March 12, 2009 
I Think this one deserves a PCA. Very nice glad they all survived.
Posted by Eric Cowan on March 12, 2009 
Great picture. Was it hard to get that one elk to pose like that? I can entirely imagine this as a commercial, with the bull in front saying something like, "This train behind me can move a ton of freight a hundred miles on one gallon of fuel...Blitzen! Leave some grain for others!"
Posted by Dave Blaze... on March 12, 2009 
Great composition. You got my PCA vote Tim!
Posted by Jim Thias on March 13, 2009 
Excellent catch, Tim.
Posted by Kevin Andrusia on March 13, 2009 
Absolutely fantastic shot...hopefully this isn't the "before" shot.
Posted by andy parr on March 15, 2009 
Is that elk junction?
Posted by Matthew Rhodes on March 15, 2009 
And I thought didn't accept photos with the train out of focus ;). PCA from me.
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