Posted by DavidDeeprose on March 14, 2009 
A great night shot! Also a nice steamy atmosphere.
Posted by Nscalemike on March 14, 2009 
Killer shot young lady....they just keep getting better.
Posted by Jan Hart on March 14, 2009 
What an unusual exposure, a well deserved pat on the back is warranted. It's a concept that I for one, would not have envisioned. Good work, Brooke.
Posted by Fred Stuckmann on March 14, 2009 
Posted by Christopher Robson on March 14, 2009 
Love this photo. PCA on the way.
Posted by Vic. Louie on March 14, 2009 
This is a great shot Brooke.
Posted by Christopher Blaszczyk on March 14, 2009 
Beautiful night shot, Brooke. There is just enough light on the engine to make it stand out. PCA vote from me.
Posted by Trevor Harris on March 15, 2009 
Great shot "brooke" very nice night shot.
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