Posted by Travis Dewitz on March 14, 2009 
Great action shot, Jim!
Posted by Brian Sellers on March 14, 2009 
Another winner James. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by David Rohdenburg on March 14, 2009 
Very nice pic! Having visited that line myself, I can attest to it's beauty.
Posted by Willie Brown on March 14, 2009 
Good looking shot...
Posted by Kerry Klarr on March 14, 2009 
Great shot James
Posted by Nscalemike on March 14, 2009 
Looking good Sir James...lots of new opportunities for photo ops.
Posted by Ed Mullan on March 14, 2009 
It is indeed the usual good work. One wonders, who did the contaminating and who is picking up the tab for the removal.
Posted by James Belmont on March 14, 2009 
Thank you folks for the kind compliments. The cause of the contaminated soil is the old Atlas Uranium mill built along the Colorado River during WWII. The mill shut down 40 years ago and the tailings were eventually capped. It was feared that contamination could find it's way into the river due to flash flooding, and the material had to be removed. I believe the cost to move the tailings will be funded by taxpayers. The private company relocating this material is Utah's Energy Solutions.
Posted by Dave Blaze... on March 14, 2009 
I love the Potash Branch Jim. I'm glad your long Friday trip was a success. That has got to be one of my favorite trains to chase on the continent. Thanks for sharing my friend.
Posted by AtlantaRails on March 14, 2009 
Still has the old jointed rail though. Fantastic shot, i love how the engine is centered in between the two peaks and the contrast between the dark backlighting and the light cloud of dust from the ballast.
Posted by Vic. Louie on March 14, 2009 
Beautiful shot James.
Posted by Darren Megowan on March 15, 2009 
Nice image! The dust in the shadows really adds to the shot.
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