Posted by Mitch Goldman on March 17, 2009 
James Belmont, ladies and gentlemen, with another in a series of never ending photoscapes from Utah. Excellent shot!
Posted by Craig Williams on March 17, 2009 
James nice interesting shot. I didnt know the tracks did this. Hard to see this with the view along the highway. Glad to hear they plan on using this branch more. It is a really neat line! Thanks!
Posted by Nscalemike on March 17, 2009 
Can only imagine what the crew was thinking, with this guy stalking them at every turn!! Exemplary work once again Sir James.
Posted by Chris Nuthall on March 17, 2009 
James, you certainly had a field day on this trip - great shots.
Posted by Travis Dewitz on March 17, 2009 
Very cool!
Posted by Frank Keller on March 17, 2009 
James very nice series of the Potash. Looks like you had great weather. This is a neat location along the line. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Jim Thias on March 18, 2009 
Great location, James! That's got to be quite a sight to sit back and watch a train zig zag back and forth, not to mention hearing the sounds of the jointed rail.
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