Posted by Ben Sutton on March 18, 2009 
Whoa, cool shot Steven!
Posted by Fred Stuckmann on March 18, 2009 
Nice shot Steven, you do have a few yard engines there too. Thanks.
Posted by Nick George on March 18, 2009 
Nice shot, I see some GEVO's too in the mix.
Posted by on March 18, 2009 
Nice shot. I fly over that yard, from time to time, and have always wanted to visit.
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on March 18, 2009 
Nice shot, Steven! Congrats on the Photo of the Day!
Posted by Jason Eminian on March 18, 2009 
Great pic Steve! This yard is rarely shown, so very cool!
Posted by Luke Ansell on March 19, 2009 
Nice photo. I'll have the loco's on the right, with the 2 SD40-2's.
Posted by Caroline J. on March 19, 2009 
Nice pic Mr. Welch! Excellent yard shot.
Posted by David Wheeler on March 19, 2009 
ha ha "Hybrid thingy" very nice photo.
Posted by TexasOklahomaRailfan on April 14, 2009 
This is a pretty depressing scene compared to the way this must have looked even a decade ago. One warbonnet in the entire sea of orange...and with the new EPA regulations and CA's new stricter emissions regulations, it won't be much longer before you simply will not see anymore warbonnets at all in CA.
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