Posted by Snake on March 21, 2009 
Great shot Ross!!! and I see you got one of the 5 SP GP35Ms in there!
Posted by Ray Peacock on March 21, 2009 
Beautiful photo Mr. Valentine.
Posted by Kofi on March 21, 2009 
Really California dreaming!!!!!! For what is the first yellow car behind the grain cars?
Posted by Fred Stuckmann on March 21, 2009 
That's just pretty. Thank you.
Posted by Steve Carter on March 22, 2009 
You sure caught it on great day! And the dream is fading fast. All indications are that the cement plant at Davenport is shut for a long time or for good. The only customer left is a lumber yard. The yellow centerbeam flat car was used to deliver to the lumber yard.
Posted by Brian Hiscock on March 22, 2009 
Ha! There's even a "snowbird"(canadian boxcar) in there! Nifty!
Posted by Jim Thias on March 22, 2009 
California dreamin', indeed. What a great makes me want to be there.
Posted by Doug Wolfe on March 24, 2009 
Great shot & location.
Posted by on March 25, 2009 
The first yellow car after the grain cars is a center beam car. They are used like box cars where the boxes are stacked up on both sides of the center beam and then secured. Great shot though!
Posted by Mike Massee on March 27, 2009 
Where exactly is this? What creek are we looking at in the background? Definitely a brilliant sum-up shot of the davenport branch.
Posted by Cinderpath on March 27, 2009 
I did more research- and will update accordingly: Santa Margarita Trestle, La Selva Beach, CA I am not sure which creek it is, it is not labeled on Google maps- here are the cordinates on Google Earth: 36 deg 56'13.49"N 121Deg 51'51.48"W
Posted by Big D 965 on March 30, 2009 
Very nice shot and what a beautiful time of day to capture this post card picture. Keep up the good work.
Posted by Ron Moraca on April 19, 2009 
Remarkable photo taken at my favorite time of year in an absolutely beautiful location, Mr. Valentine!!! I miss the SP, myself. For many years, the SP was a class act, and one of the premier Class I railroads in the country.
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