Posted by Fred Stuckmann on March 25, 2009 
Once again Bob, great stuff. This on here is awesome. Probably could set off a seismograph.
Posted by Jan Hart on March 25, 2009 
Your series on the N&W steam is gratefully appreciated, thanks.
Posted by Bart Davis on March 25, 2009 
Fantastic series of photos. Thank you for sharing these true treasures of "The way it was" with everyone!
Posted by John West on March 25, 2009 
Bob, I have enjoyed your N&W pix and hope you have a lot more.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on March 26, 2009 
What a beast! David P. Morgan said that in contrast to the elegance of the A, the Y "looked like a barmaid." How right he was. Still the Y had the highest tractive effort of any conventional rod driven steam locomotive in the world. (outside of two Virginian experimentals) . It had 170,000 lbs. in simple operation. Amazing. And thanks for this series of absolute gems.
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