Posted by Joe Nugent on March 30, 2009 
WOW, thanks for capturing and sharing this local history with those like me who were not around for scenes like this.
Posted by Bart Davis on March 31, 2009 
What a beauty!
Posted by Dave Redmann on July 1, 2009 
Thanks for posting, and more of same please, if you have them. But it might be worth pointing out that K&T 12 did not "become Southern 4501"; Baldwin built it as SOU 4501 in 1911, and Southern sold it to K&T in 1948, IIRC from Southern's "dead line" in Princeton, IN. When Paul Merriman (co-founder of Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, in 1961) personally bought it from K&T in 1964 (for $5,000), just as K&T was about to scrap it, he repainted it as SOU 4501, and got Southern to let him run it, as a one-off trip, to Chatanooga, TN. This was the genesis of the Southern steam program, and later Merriman leased the locomotive to Southern for use on excursions. Steam's Camalot is a very enjoyable read that tells this whole story.
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