Posted by andy parr on April 4, 2009 
That must have been close.
Posted by Donovan Peltier on April 4, 2009 
I would hate to be the one in that car and on the other end of that stare the conductor is putting out. Yikes!
Posted by stan schurman on April 4, 2009 
I wonder if the conductor shold have been on the ground flagging. That aside, that looks like an ex-CN unit with the bell over the headlight.
Posted by Carl Perelman on April 4, 2009 
Conductor was on the ground, on the road pavement and very visable, halting traffic. Third member of the train crew was riding the pilot.
Posted by stan schurman on April 5, 2009 
Thanks Carl. It wasn't apparent from the photo.
Posted by Jadczak Photography on November 1, 2012 
Drivers are really IDIOTS these days!!
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