Posted by Nikko P on April 29, 2009 
Tea is not the first thing that comes to mind after a hot sweaty day of hard labor in the tropical sun. Great picture!
Posted by Mark Pappalardo on April 29, 2009 
Nothing like doing track work in flip-flops.
Posted by Dan on April 29, 2009 
Imagine track workers wearing flip flops on USA's railroads, The FRA would just love that one.
Posted by Jim Sinclair on May 2, 2009 
Great shot, Phil!! I work for the railroad and I just can't imagine do my working in flip-flops!! The thought of stubbed toes and splinters makes me cringe! Also, I have to wonder how long that that piece of rolling stock has been laying on its side? Looks like it's been there for awhile...
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