Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on May 5, 2009 
You wild and crazy young-in's! I love the irony: the generation that became our parents wore dresses, jackets and ties to railfan events but then they also climbed all over the equipment in flagrant disregard of property and safety. In a case with the East Broad Top, the fans were so badly misbehaved, the railroad stopped excursions altogether. Anyway, great shot Bob and I for one am glad you were a climber!
Posted by Ray Peacock on May 5, 2009 
Another great series of photos Bob. Thanks for your contributions. Next time I can get John Dziobko in front of a computer I'll ask him where he is in that crowd.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 5, 2009 
Kind of makes you wonder what that location along with PRR #612 looked like the day before the Farewell to Steam trip. Excellent series of photos, thanks for sharing Bob.
Posted by Jeff Sell on May 6, 2009 
Bob - Great photo. It's nice to see so many turn out for this event. The 612 still looks good after years of devoted service. Times have sure changed - It's neat to see the people in this photo dressed up (men in suits and ties and women in dresses). Do you think such an event today would have folks dressed up like this?
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