Posted by Travis Dewitz on May 15, 2009 
Posted by Stevo on May 16, 2009 
It's amazing to think that a long time ago someone looked at this scene and said "We can build a railroad through here!"
Posted by cmdrflake on May 16, 2009 
There was one way for CPR to get into Vancouver. This way was it- period. Andrew Onderdonk's work serves CPR almost 140 years later. He did it right, and then Canadian Northern joined them here thirty years later.
Posted by Jeff Abbott on May 19, 2009 
The Fraser and Thompson rivers hold some killer potential for those that take the time. I have only worked the stretch once, and I don't remember that angle. Regardless, that image is spectacular.
Posted by Jim Thias on May 25, 2009 
Wow, that is an amazing scene. Nice work, Bill!
Posted by Craig Williams on May 25, 2009 
This is a really nice area. Nice shot showing the confines for sure.
Posted by Judkins645 on May 28, 2009 
This is unreal.
Posted by RvdHoven on November 7, 2010 
Only 3rd place??? The first is the only place for this shot!
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