Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 18, 2009 
Wholly smokes! One of the best "Three Train Shay Race" scenes I've ever seen. Just awesome capture. And seemingly risky considering the Shay furthest to the right follows a track leading to the Shay on the center track. I know it's safe and a tradition, but zoykes! Easy PC choice for a very dramatic shot.
Posted by Kevin Madore on May 18, 2009 
Best Shay race shot of the season, Walter! I don't think anyone's (been brave enough to have) shot this angle before!
Posted by John Higginson on May 18, 2009 
Nicely done, Walter. Good seeing you up there.
Posted by Andrew Hamblyn on May 18, 2009 
Neat shot, but obviously the CSR are not too worried about their carbon footprint....
Posted by Mark Rosnick on May 18, 2009 
Very nice Walter. I bet the sound was amazing.
Posted by Dean Kaplan on May 18, 2009 
Nothing like three she steamers racing right down the rails! Awesome shot Walter!
Posted by Ray Peacock on May 18, 2009 
A fine photo. Should be a POTW or on a calendar.
Posted by Steven M. Welch on May 19, 2009 
As I already told you earlier, amazing shot and easily gets a PC vote. My jaw is still on the floor.
Posted by Jeff Sell on May 19, 2009 
Walter - Love the 'coming right at ya' photo! The billowing thick black clouds of smoke are most impressive. Thanks for sharing this gem.
Posted by Andy Toms on May 19, 2009 
Great job Walter! One of the best race shots I have seen from there.
Posted by Steve Carter on May 19, 2009 
Tremendous shot! Makes me want to start planning a trip right now.
Posted by cmdrflake on May 19, 2009 
I am willing to bet it was a bit noisy there, too!
Posted by JL Scott on May 19, 2009 
Dramatic to the extreme! Excellent capture!
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on May 30, 2009 
Great shot, Walter. PCA from me!
Posted by Bo Gray on June 1, 2009 
Outstanding, Walter!
Posted by Kevin R Wilson-Smith on June 2, 2009 
One word - beautiful!
Posted by Christian Signorelli on June 3, 2009 
Congrats on the PCA, Walter! A well-deserved honor, for sure.
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