Posted by on May 25, 2009 
Makes you curious whats in the barn?
Posted by Ky.CatFan on May 25, 2009 
Given enough money, "Brookville Lovomotive Works, in Brookville, Pennsylvania has and will rebuild these to like new condition. Please see their web site for before and after photos of their work. They have done wonderful repairs to New Orleans cars and to various PCC cars including providing new trucks and controls. I was very astounded that any of these were just sitting around, with trolley poles intact ! Some cities in the U. S. and Canada still use these PCC cars.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on May 26, 2009 
A very unique catch - well done!
Posted by Rich Brown on May 27, 2009 
THANK YOU (!!) to whoever bought these, for whatever purpose they originally may have had in mind. Thats more that were saved from the scrappers and COULD live again.
Posted by FSWood on January 31, 2011 
Here it is January 2011, any news on the fate of these?
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