Posted by Stuart Ranier on May 26, 2009 
Thanks for sharing. I wish i could hear more of the story, it looks like you got cut off.
Posted by Jan Hart on May 26, 2009 
Great photos. Are the units in the foreground armored cars?
Posted by Sid Vaught on May 26, 2009 
What a treasure. Great quality and 65 years old!
Posted by Ky.CatFan on May 26, 2009 
The unit in the foreground is too damaged to have been armored. It has pantographs on both ends and probably is an early articulated electric locomotive.
Posted by Nigel Curtis on May 27, 2009 
The loco in the foreground is an E636 Bo-Bo-Bo electric loco. They were long lived, the last ones being withdrawn in 2006, although one or more have been preserved. 469 were built first appearing in 1940, the last one in 1962. Six were destroyed in WWII. They were simple locos, if they failed in service, a driver could easily fix it. However, they were not very crashworthy and this led to their ultimate demise.
Posted by GianniosB on May 27, 2009 
The loco you talk about its an E636 class standar FS electric locomotive..FS put them in service on 1940 and withdrawn them at 2006..Sad to see this beautiful locomotive in this condition...
Posted by FrankB on May 27, 2009 
The engine in the foreground is an E636 articulated electric, introduced in 1940. Electrification in Europe was already quite advanced in the late 1930s, many mainlines in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, etc were electrified and modern electric rolling stock was developed. The war suspended these activities, except in Switzerland. The scene looks like railyards all over Europe in WWII. However, trains were subsequently repaired/rebuilt and put in many years of service after the war. Shop forces after the war performed miracles at repairing items that seemed beyond hope, as evidenced in the photo.
Posted by Immer International on March 17, 2011 
Actually, the Italians delivered these E636-Locos also to Croatia in the 1960s - where still run in 2011!
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