Posted by Nscalemike on June 9, 2009 
Daniel, it may have been a short day for photos, but this one nailed it. Congrats on the S/C award.
Posted by Kevin Madore on June 9, 2009 
I second that! Not often you can find a location where there is a completely clean view of the train. Pretty sky, nice, dark plumes and you got the bottom of the drivers too. Very deserving SC!
Posted by Ray Peacock on June 9, 2009 
This is what I call quality time.
Posted by Christopher Blaszczyk on June 9, 2009 
This shot proves the adage that sometimes, one great shot makes the whole day worth it. PCA vote from me.
Posted by Bo Gray on June 10, 2009 
WOW! What a way to start your day! Absolutely gorgeous...PCA for sure.
Posted by Steve Carter on June 11, 2009 
Awesome! Worth getting up at 0 dark 30, even if the rest of day was a wash.
Posted by Eugene Armer on June 11, 2009 
The 2'0 gauge doesn't do much for me Simon, but this shot is an absolute classic. Well deserved SC!
Posted by Chris Gaziano on June 26, 2009 
Absolutely beautiful shot!
Posted by Fabrice Lanoue on April 9, 2010 
Fantastic !
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