Posted by Ray Peacock on June 17, 2009 
Nice photo. And that thunderhead spawned a few twisters later.
Posted by on June 17, 2009 
Fantastic shot. There's probably more electricity in that storm that IATR uses in a year.
Posted by John Higginson on June 17, 2009 
Very neat shot, I'm particularly fond of summertime thunderstorms and how they dominate the sky!
Posted by Jason Eminian on June 17, 2009 
Goodness! That is one heck of a storm! Nice pic you got there.
Posted by Jeff Terry on June 18, 2009 
Very impressive. Looks like Mount St. Helens!
Posted by Jeff Sell on June 18, 2009 
Wow! When mother nature puts on a show, she really knows how to do it! That cloud bank is enormous. Nice photo.
Posted by on June 19, 2009 

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