Posted by andy parr on June 20, 2009 
Great shot of a pioneer Bob.
Posted by Thomas Nagel on June 21, 2009 
Very nice shot Bob. Thanks for posting your 50's photos. Brings back allot of good memories for rthose who got to live through through this era in railroading.
Posted by Jeff Swanson on June 22, 2009 
They even shine when they're dirty. Thanks, Bob. I appreciate your contributions.
Posted by Carl Kulzer on September 11, 2017 
What a beautiful shot Bob. I bought duplicate Slides from you some time ago and liked it so much I had a large print made from it. This is New York Central at its best.Silver trucks and fuel tanks, lighting stripes paint scheme , only a tiny amount of road grime on 4065 and skirts still on the fuel and water tanks. PCA from me, and thanks for posting this and so many others to this web site.
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