Posted by Dwayne on June 22, 2009 
Why are they alloiwng the center piece of the static displays to just rust down? Looks as though there has been no pretection for the gear since I was there in 2004? Is sad to see, she was my first glimpse of a "Big-Boy".
Posted by David Albers on June 22, 2009 
Truly sad to see such a great locomotive in such disrepair.
Posted by Leonard P Torney on June 22, 2009 
I realize no one is probably ever going to restore a Big-Boy to running condition, but at the same time, to just let them deteriorate out in the elements is wrong too. It does make for an interesting photo though.
Posted by Ryan Mack on September 4, 2009 
Actually, the locomotive (at the time this photo was taken) was power washed to prepare it for cosmetic restoration. It never used to look that bad, but work is progressing on its new coats of paint.
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