Posted by on August 19, 2009 
Nice capture, Ben. I love the fog/haze over the water.
Posted by Jeff Sell on August 19, 2009 
Ben - Excellent photo! This is just another reason why I love watching trains in the mountains of Pennsylvania, specifically the Altoona / Gallitzin area. Thanks for sharing this gem
Posted by Travis Dewitz on August 19, 2009 
Very nice, Ben!
Posted by cmdrflake on August 19, 2009 
The view from the PA53 bridge over the old Pennsylvania near Cresson is a 24/7 spot for the determined photographer. I like this shot, it's different and creatively set up.
Posted by Kevin Ashbaugh on August 19, 2009 
Fog or smoke? It has to be smoke, because this photo is hot. Nice job! PCA on the way.
Posted by David Nutter on August 20, 2009 
Well done, Ben!
Posted by M.G. on August 20, 2009 
I've never seen Tunnel Hill like that. Great shot Ben.
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