Posted by Travis Dewitz on August 20, 2009 
Very cool, Zach!
Posted by Michael Biehn on August 20, 2009 
Very, very nice!
Posted by Bob Avery on August 20, 2009 
Very effective use of conditions. If you like shooting in weather like this, come and live in Scotland! Bob UK
Posted by Shawn Vermillion on August 20, 2009 
Moody weather makes for some great shots. And this is a great shot.
Posted by Steven M. Welch on August 20, 2009 
Very sweet shot, Zach! PCA!
Posted by Jeff Swanson on August 21, 2009 
T-Warning? I'd rather have been in the loco cab than where you were ;-). Nice shot though.
Posted by Dennis A. Livesey on August 21, 2009 
Gorgeous shot! Love to have one like it.
Posted by Derek Stewart on September 26, 2012 
Just now found this. Great picture, Zach!
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