Posted by Lee Baxter on October 14, 2009 
One of the better styles of this type of shot i have seen, well done Travis
Posted by Ken Kuehne on October 14, 2009 
Geez Travis, your vehicle is unnaturally clean for a railfan vehicle. You should see mine!
Posted by Cody Jackson on October 14, 2009 
I would avoid putting coffee on it. Great shot.
Posted by K100DS on October 14, 2009 
Be careful when attempting shots like this in states where "distracted driving" laws have been enacted!
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on October 15, 2009 
Ahh, the good 'ole 10mm wide! Great shot, Travis. A lot to look at in the photo including the train in the side mirror, the lead locomotive itself (which is nicely framed by the passenger window/door), and the fact that the image is a pace. Overall a nicely composed photo, spot on color, and crisp detail. PCA from me!
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