Posted by Rangachari Anand on October 28, 2009 
Amazing! This kind of riding seems more like a sport - not a necessity as in some other parts of the world.
Posted by cmdrflake on October 28, 2009 
This photo is the saddest I have ever seen on this site. People that do things like this should not be ridiculed, they deserve to be, but they will be punished by pain of injury or even death. There appear to have been no authorities willing to intervene and protect these people from themselves. All a decent person can do is wish they escaped without physical harm.
Posted by Marty Bernard on November 1, 2009 
This happens in a few other countries where the government can't provide enough space inside their trains. These people have someplace they need to go and this is their best choice to get there. They are not clowns. It is a failure of the government to provide sufficient services.
Posted by on November 2, 2009 
Marty, I have witnessed this 'sport' first hand, and the problem is that there IS space inside these trains. Not sure about geckos though... Lemmings perhaps?
Posted by Ken Huard on November 2, 2009 
They STILL haven't learned!!
Posted by on December 31, 2010 
The fact is that these primitives want to ride for free - end of story. I'd like to see the LOT of them come to grief. No sympathy.
Posted by on August 7, 2011 
these are the people not willing to pay.
Posted by phil atkinson on December 16, 2013 
Where are the R/R police?, why does'nt the engineer refuse to move the train?, I guess its the way in the third world.
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