Posted by on November 4, 2009 
I love this shot. PCA vote from me, nice use of the 10-22.
Posted by Joseph LeMay on November 4, 2009 
That would be the north approach to Union Station, not Ogilvie.
Posted by Ray Peacock on November 4, 2009 
Nice angle Travis.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on November 4, 2009 
Great, Travis! I didn't see this spot during my walk around earlier in the year. I'll make sure to stop there next time. Very nice image.
Posted by Mike Hemming on November 4, 2009 
Very nice
Posted by Mitch Goldman on November 4, 2009 
Nice! Just the right amount of streak and one of the few images with lens distortion that I'd leave exactly as is. Very creative, as is the norm.
Posted by Chris Paulhamus on November 28, 2010 
Travis, this shot looks good in full-page print...congrats!
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