Posted by Ben Sutton on November 30, 2009 
WOW! I can't believe this wasn't a screeners choice. This is one AWESOME shot. Simple, but yet very creative. PCA from me!
Posted by Dave Blaze... on November 30, 2009 
Excellent shot Ken...this is one to be proud of!
Posted by Adam Pizante on November 30, 2009 
Sweet angle ken, got to love the old Route 66! PCA from me.
Posted by Michael Adams on November 30, 2009 
Wow from me too, excellent composition and beautiful sky. Great memories speeding along Route 66 pacing the BNSF, truly the "mother road" of railfanning for me :-) PCA.
Posted by Travis Dewitz on November 30, 2009 
Very nice, Ken!
Posted by Ken Szok on December 14, 2009 
Thank you all for the PCA votes. Very much a surprise. Ken
Posted by Nathan Lafond on December 14, 2009 
Incredible shot Ken! Very well done.
Posted by Leia on December 15, 2009 
Congrats, Ken! This PC was definitely well deserved.
Posted by GP5 on December 16, 2009 
A well done low angle shot
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