Posted by David Price on December 13, 2009 
Great shot! Did you have your Red Wings on?
Posted by Jim Sinclair on December 13, 2009 
GREAT shot, Travis, and congrats on the Screener's Choice award! PCA vote from me!
Posted by Greg Rourke on December 13, 2009 
Another textbook Travis photo.
Posted by Ray Peacock on December 13, 2009 
A nice Christmas card Travis.
Posted by Scott Marsh on December 13, 2009 
A worthy photo, Teeth chattering cold too.
Posted by Frank Keller on December 13, 2009 
Very nice. This has a very Christmas feel to it and would make a very nice Christmas Card.
Posted by Robert W. Scott on December 13, 2009 
Great shot Travis! Looks Coooooold!
Posted by Steven M. Welch on December 13, 2009 
Well deserving of the SC, and hopefully my vote helps you win a PCA too. Very nice, Travis.
Posted by Jean-Marc Frybourg on December 13, 2009 
That is an excellent picture Travis. Love the mood of it
Posted by Aaron J. Border on December 13, 2009 
Excellent work, Travis!
Posted by Mitch Goldman on December 13, 2009 
Very creative - good job!
Posted by Adam Pizante on December 14, 2009 
Great winter night shot Travis. This one has a "Christmas" feel to it, well done!
Posted by Chase Gunnoe on December 14, 2009 
Very neat composition, Travis! Well deserving SC! PCA vote from me as well.
Posted by R.R. Conway on December 14, 2009 
Very nice shot Travis! I like the short shutter speed and how only one of the crossing flasher lights is illuminated. Great stuff!
Posted by Ken Kuehne on December 14, 2009 
Nice shot, Travis. I really like after dark shots that freeze the action while not using flashes.
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on December 14, 2009 
A sweet shot, really gives the feel that one is standing there.
Posted by Pedro Sabino on December 14, 2009 
Excellent shot, Travis.
Posted by Luke Ansell on December 14, 2009 
WOW! This is impressive Travis. Surprised at only a SC. Well here's a PCA vote from me, Well done.
Posted by Nick DAmato (Diamond D) on December 15, 2009 
Your best work yet!!
Posted by Ken Szok on December 15, 2009 
Excellent work Travis.
Posted by Peter Lewis on December 15, 2009 
Simply stunning. Everything about this picture is superb. You nailed it. I see a PCA in its future, on top of the SC and POTW, of course.
Posted by on December 15, 2009 
Once in a great while, I truly remarkable shot comes around that makes me extremely jealous. This is that shot. Congratulations on a spectactular shot.
Posted by Kenneth A. Young on December 15, 2009 
This one really looks cold! It also gets my coveted "Christmas Card Photo of the Year" award.
Posted by Darren Megowan on December 16, 2009 
Sweet shot Travis!
Posted by Joel Podlaski on December 16, 2009 
Very well composition!
Posted by Jim Thias on December 21, 2009 
Bang! The tri-fecta. And to think you weren't too sure about this shot. ;-)
Posted by Nick Ozorak on December 21, 2009 
Ladies and Gents, another Triple Crown Champion. Excellent job with this shot, Travis!
Posted by Bobbie Sue Baker on December 21, 2009 
I am very proud of you. Your photography grows & already know what I think of this shot. Great job.
Posted by John Fladung on December 21, 2009 
Great shot Travis. You always find a way to pull off those shots that ask, "why didn't I think of that?". Congrats on a well deserved POTW. Keep up the great work!
Posted by conrail_hobo on December 29, 2009 
WOW! INCREDIBLE! This is worthy of your 3 awards. It really captures railroadings harsh yet exquisite enviroments.
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