Posted by K100DS on January 3, 2010 
Jeeze Louise! How could they even see the signals and crossings and stuff?
Posted by Lenny Dunlap on January 3, 2010 
WOW........very nice! Thanks to you Frank AND your F350 for braving the elements.
Posted by W. D. Shaw on January 3, 2010 
Simply awesome, Frank! But one thing puzzles me, looking at this shot and others from Canada (notably Colin Tytler's of a few weeks back when over four feet fell in less than 24hours); Why is it that up where there's "real" winter they use regular trains to keep the lines clear, whereas down in the northern states where they only get a foot or (maybe) two at a time, they pull out the huge plows?
Posted by Bicot (Marc Caya) on January 3, 2010 
Ha! I knew I should have got up earlier. When you crossed path with this one, I was still shoveling my snow buried car at home. Awsome and dramatic picture Frank!
Posted by Kevin Burkholder on January 3, 2010 
The full essence of winter railroading!!! Great shot Ftank!
Posted by Andre St-Amant on January 3, 2010 
wow outstanding shot, Frank
Posted by on January 3, 2010 
If the trains are moving all the time the snow does not have a chance to build up.
Posted by vlouie on January 4, 2010 
A great shot Frank, thanks for going out in that storm to get this shot. Now stay warm.
Posted by Luke Ansell on January 5, 2010 
Now that's what I call extreme Railroading. Congratulations on POTW Frank, well deserved.
Posted by Gary Knapp on January 6, 2010 
Congratulations on Picture Of The Week Frank!
Posted by Erick Anderson on January 6, 2010 
I was concerned about the crew seeing through windshield since it's almost completely covered by snow, but then I realized that it would look about the same even if the windshield was clear.
Posted by Sylvain Lacroix on January 7, 2010 
Wow,amazing. This picture amaze me. Congratulations Frank.
Posted by Kenneth A. Young on January 7, 2010 
Man, and I thought it was bad here in Nebraska! Great photo. Glad you made it out alive.
Posted by Joel Podlaski on January 7, 2010 
Perfect shot of the Canadian Pacific dashing through the snow!
Posted by on January 7, 2010 
Zero visibility from the cab! No problem! The crew was on their lap-tops - analyzing crew assignments!
Posted by Scott Marsh on January 10, 2011 
Burr, Yea it gets that bad more often then most know. Nice.
Posted by Marty Melville on January 12, 2011 
Great photo!! I hope the cab heater was working..
Posted by Beer Line Fan on January 16, 2011 
Now thats a real winter storm!! Awesome Dude!!
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