Posted by Mitch Goldman on February 28, 2010 
How about posting some crap for a change, huh? Great shot, James!
Posted by Nscalemike on February 28, 2010 
Early Sir James work! Nicely done.
Posted by on February 28, 2010 
Great photo, have seen many shots when it wore this paint, but this one is the best IMHO.
Posted by John West on February 28, 2010 
Love that paint scheme, the matched armour yellow train, and a classic red rock scene. About as good as it gets. I kinda agree with Mitch's comment above.
Posted by on February 28, 2010 
James, you have taken me back to 1953. The steam was put on as a helper and will come off at Ogden.
Posted by KWestRail on February 28, 2010 
Can't understand why they went back to the glossy black paint. That 2-Tone Gray is spectacular and they should change her back to that paint scheme! Great Backdrop!
Posted by K.E.Nelson on February 28, 2010 
Great Shot James, I don't think my luck would have been as great with the sun poppin out just in time.
Posted by KWestRail on March 1, 2010 
Looking at the green area in the background makes this picture look like a painting!
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